Berwyn Shops & Berwyn Collective, 2022-2023

Berwyn, IL

Berwyn Shops is a retail incubator designed to provide first-time entrepreneurs with the resources they need to launch a successful business. In its inaugural year (2022), BairBalliet designed a retail space for Elizabeth Aguirre’s small-business, Juicey Gems. The following year Aguirre and three other Berwyn Shop “graduates” combined their wares and vision for building their businesses together and Berwyn Collective was born. The project involved a 3,800 square foot interior renovation of an existing brick and mortar retail space. Uniting three businesses under a shared roof called for a design that brought the collective together while allowing the individual business to best showcase their products. Pairing a custom color palette that featured and complimented all three vendors with architectural surface treatments and graphics, the design provides moments of individual highlights as well as shared common spaces that draw their various audiences in to shop, together.

Designers/Production Team: Kelly Bair, Kristy Balliet
Production Team: Alex Harrison

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