Situated in a rural context, Curtain Call is a proposal for an outdoor theater and summer pavilion. It focuses on the relationship of the interior volume and the outer figure, weaving together overlapping geometries that delineate enclosure and invite users to explore these unrevealed volumes. This project appropriates volumes explored in earlier works in an effort to create a partial enclosure for a stage in the round, offering multiple points of entry, exit and orientation. To the actor, the project is about access and threshold. For the summertime viewer, the project is about exposure and hidden glimpses. For both, the object prioritizes deep interiors.

The project takes a closer look at the standard role of the curtain, tactically employing scale, medium, and choreographed patterns to create an assembled figure. The design seeks the boundary and exploits the tension between contained volume and infinite space. The volumes exhibit both structural and spatial qualities, intersecting and uniting into a contiguous yet aggregated volume.

Designers: Kelly Bair, Kristy Balliet
Project Team: Chaoqun Chen & Yosephine Ang

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