Univeristy of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. Woodbury University. University of Colorado - Denver

EXPOSED, PLATED & UNBOXED was a set of three solo exhibitions created in connection to lectures and workshops within three universities. The exhibition offers insight into the conceptual underpinnings that bind the work together through a curatorial approach.

In Exposed, Models originally intended for the wall stand free revealing deep hidden interiors, drawings intended for two-dimensional print unfold three-dimensionally on the wall, and a short film originally screened on an exterior window is now viewed through a framed interior screen. Plated was designed to plate project artifacts in relationship to each other as well as across projects. Historically, plating has been used to emphasize a dish’s compositional complexity as opposed to its individual flavors. Plates are a common ground for reheated projects to suggest new tastes. Unboxed references the act of unpacking but more specifically it points to the YouTube phenomenon that trades in views. In the context of the exhibition, the spatial construct situates multiple projects such that on the oblique view, part of another project lurks beyond.

Designers: Kelly Bair, Kristy Balliet

Photography by Hans Koesters Photography

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