Venice, California

The core of a house migrates, sometimes located at the geometric center and other times assigned a role: a hearth, a stair, a courtyard. Rethinking the house through the logic of the its core, 22 cores samples were extracted from homes built between 1750 – 2009, spanning the compartmentalized four square to the open plan. A range of social, political and cultural forces points to a history of addition and subtraction for the house typology. Today the ability to accumulate and purge offers multiple options for redefining how one or many live. Interrogating cores – the literal and conceptual point that holds a house together, allows one to pull it apart, spatially, formally, materially, and programmatically. House of Cores organizes multiple cores around a ring. The cores are unstable, a series of partial forms that migrate around the ring, challenging terms of ownership. House of Cores is situated in a semi-urban neighborhood surrounded by traditional southern California bungalows. The house encourages multiple scenarios for domestic living/working, renting/owning, present/future and challenges the longstanding notion of “mine and yours” by fostering core migration both within a single lot line as well as across it.

Designers: Kelly Bair, Kristy Balliet
Project Team: Malvin Bunata Wibowo,
Stephanie Delles, Victoria Hatsenko, Kasia Pilat, Isabella Stoklosa

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