SCI-Arc Gallery Exhibition - Los Angeles, California

Architecture has always been incomplete, reliant on and completed by multiple subjects, perceptions, and associations. No More Room leverages the contemporary relationship between the rooms we inhabit and the images we consume to produce a sense of being in multiple spaces at once, a type of quantum superposition in architectural terms. It is a layered construction of volumetric relationships centered around a designed core sample. Geologic in nature, a core sample represents a partial architecture embedded with information from many points of origin and melds their traits to find completeness in the round. It asks backgrounds and middle grounds to foreground spatial experiences. No More Room makes room for architecture as the expanded territory between a finite set of things.

Visit the Virtual Exhibition - SCI-Arc Gallery 
Watch the Opening Night Variety Show

Designers: Kelly Bair, Kristy Balliet
Project Assistant: Irvin Shaifa
Production Team: Malvin Bunata Wibowo, Melody Chu, Burak Celik, Victoria Hatsenko, Hans Steffes, Ceema Sheikha, Sahar Simforoosh, Gerry Tao
Fabrication: Advanced Foam (Foam), Nick Rodriguez (Metal)
Videography: Jesse Corcoran, Dakota Rayfield, Jackson Rayfield
Photography: Joshua White

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